Pregnancy Safe - New York City

Beauty and Safety

Many women wonder how they can keep their hair healthy and beautiful during their pregnancy, which is one of the most important phases of human development. Well, using the right type of product is of vital importance not just for the expecting mother, but for the tiny person she is nurturing. Here’s the good news: you can keep your hair great looking and healthy without compromising your future baby’s health! Nowadays various hair products exist that are just as safe for the mother as for the baby she is carrying. 

Organic and Vegan

Finally, you can get your hands on healthy beauty products!  Among the most popular are organic hair dyes. These dyes are produced using natural botanical elements and have very little or no synthetic chemicals added. All ingredients are free of pesticides and toxic fertilizers and that’s why they’re so safe.  Plus, the colors these healthy dyes achieve are long lasting and since they’re natural not only do they keep your hair looking amazing, they actually make it healthier. The best part is that they pose no risk to pregnant mothers or their babies!

Some of these organic products are also vegan, which gives them that extra touch of goodness. Vegan dyes, in addition to being organic, are not tested on animals and none of the active ingredients are animal based, even avoiding milk or honey. These products are 100% safe for gestating mothers and and since they are organic they're even environmentally friendly.

Take Care of Yourself and Your Baby

New York is home to The Clean Beauty Lab, a hair salon that uses products that are safe for pregnant women and their developing babies.  The salon also offers lightening processes that do not use ammonia, so there’s no need to worry about skin irritation or other reactions. All the products used at The Clean Beauty Lab are safe for the user and our planet because the priority is to protect both the clients and their future babies, those little treasures that the moms-in-waiting love so much and want to grow up in safe, healthy surroundings.