Organic Keratin Treatment - New York City

Bring your hair back to life with an organic keratin treatment!

By now everyone has heard about keratin hair treatments, which are all the rage, but not all products and processes are created equal. Keratin is a naturally occurring structural protein found in everyone’s hair and nails. That’s why treatments using keratin are known for adding shine to frizzy hair and reducing breakage, leaving your hair smoother, silkier and straighter. However, typical keratin treatments often employ the use of formaldehyde (a known carcinogen) or other chemicals that can be harsh, irritating and harmful to both our bodies and our environment. Why use chemicals when products with natural ingredients like soy protein, oatmeal or plant based oils are available?

The organic keratin hair treatments at Clean Beauty lab can restore life to dry, damaged and color treated hair, but without the undesirable side-effects, like watery eyes and that burning sensation other keratin treatments are known for.  Imagine being able to get the same effects: glossy, healthy, radiant hair – but without putting yourself or your favorite salon worker at risk.

Once your treatment is done, you’ll want to keep your hair protected by using the right products. A truly conscious consumer should use sulfate-free shampoo and sodium chloride-free hair products to preserve the natural goodness provided by an organic hair treatment. Products with natural ingredients and plant-based oils allow all the positive effects of the treatment to last for months.

At the link below you can book your 100% formaldehyde free, no fumes, organic keratin treatment!