Hypoallergenic & Toxin-free - New York City

It's good to be sensitive!  Being in tune with the world around you and feeling empathy for others are important qualities. But for those of us with sensitive skin “being sensitive” can be stressful. Just thinking about trying out that new look we’re curious about can end up causing us to worry about the nasty stuff that might be lurking in common hair care products. 

Rest assured that at The Clean Beauty Lab we have already done the research for you! We've been exploring alternatives to the typical products for years. Mother nature knows best and that's why we seek out products with plant based ingredients and avoid those that employ chemicals.

The products we choose avoid the use of parabens, ammonia, peroxide or PPD and Resorcinol. The truth is that at many other salons you might not know what you are getting. At The Clean Beauty Lab, we want only the best for our clients and salon workers. When you walk into our salon you won’t be hit in the nose with the acrid smell of toxic chemicals.

Visit THE CLEAN BEAUTY LAB for a breath of fresh air and explore new ways to think about dying your hair. We never use products that compromise your health or our shared environment!