The Joy of Being Blonde

Everyone, natural or lightened, should experience the joy of being blonde at least once in their life. Many people aren’t aware that there are healthy ways to go blonde. Making your hair lighter can often be damaging, but there are healthy ways to lighten that will protect your hair for the long term. Using non-toxic hair dye and lightener is beneficial beyond just your hair, it is especially good for women who are pregnant or who don’t want chemicals on their hair near their young children. 

The Ultimate Healthy, Non-Toxic Blonde

Although new technologies have advanced to the point of high performance nontoxic products such as original & mineral and organic color systems, the ultimate healthy blonde is accomplished by the use of a fantastic ammonia-free lightener and an extremely careful application from the artist. Being a blonde is a commitment and if you like to have more fun, you should also organize a schedule for your root touch ups; not having enough roots as well as waiting too long can be detrimental to your blonde hair. Always follow your colorist’s advice to book your appointments. 

As a hair artist, I obviously love all kinds of hair, you name it; but I was a blonde myself for a little while and the super hero mood is incomparable!

Here are a few tips if you are considering going blonde:

1.    Commit to one hair colorist. When it comes to highlighting, every artist has different patterns and weaving methods.  A new pattern may cause overlapping and breakage. 

2.    For foiled highlights, our recommendation is to book between 8-10 weeks. We know the feeling of a fresh blonde, but it is imperative that you wait long enough between touch ups. On the same note, waiting too long makes it more difficult for the artist and it may take more time, which can then be more costly. 

3.    Balayage clients may have an advantage as their look is more natural and they can definitely go longer in between touch-ups. 

4.    If you are contemplating becoming a blonde, we suggest starting with a partial application or a soft Balayage that brings light to your face and work your way up.

5.    When fully blonde, some tricks may save you time and money; a root breakage with the right tone can be an instant refresh in between highlight appointments. 

6.    Last but not least, there’s no need to compromise the integrity of your hair when becoming lighter; our clean beauty approach is committed to healthy hair, and we have proven it; so, yes you can be a healthy blonde! Choose an artist who is committed to nontoxic products! Ammonia is no longer necessary in our toolbox to get you to your brightest self! Try it!