What Would a Redhead Do?

You’ve seen her walking down the street. You can’t help but look in her direction - that gorgeous red hair, the confidence and attitude that beckons you to stare. You secretly envy her and wonder if it’s even her real color. You entertain your own red hair fantasies for a second and then dismiss the thought because you heard somewhere that red hair is not for everyone. Lovie, I’m here to tell you that this too is so untrue!!

It’s the season for change and we want to help you align your curiosity with the possibility by asking you “What would a redhead do?

Red hair can come in so many shades and hues that the key to pulling off a natural looking red that’s right for you is about finding the right shade that compliments your skin tone and natural features.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the fairest of them all or the most melanated magical queen, the vast offerings in the red palette has got you covered.  

It’s important to understand that red tones come in two predominant categories: Cool or blue-based reds and warm or orange-based reds. Some reds can take on a softer light golden hue like Riverdale star Madeline Petsch while others can reflect a deep vibrant crimson effect like that worn by Christina Hendricks of Madmen.  A red can also be subtle and multi-dimensional, combining various tones that blend to give an overall look that is both natural looking and impactful like that worn by Kelis here.   

All of these looks are quite stunning because each color was carefully chosen to compliment each individual and play up their natural beauty.  If you’ve considered spicing things up in your hair life and are ready to make the bold choice by becoming a gorgeous redhead, lets talk. Don’t worry, we can go slow and start you off with a gloss that will introduce you to the wonderful life of a redhead without the commitment of a permanent color. The gloss will wash out over time, so that way you can see how you feel rocking the different levels of red.  

Make bold choices loves and see you in the chair!