Clean Beauty Choices During Pregnancy

As a hairstylist for over 15 years I know how important is for you to feel good about yourself while you're expecting. Clean beauty practices its been my mission since I started with this concept and movement at the salon 8 years ago, making sure the salon was pregnancy safe, hand-picking the best non-toxic products in the market that not only would give outstanding results, but also wouldn’t create any skin discomfort to my clients or produce any fumes in the salon that will worry them when visiting us.

Our rule number one is that all the products we use they got it be free of Ammonia’s (Usually causes skin irritation and burning sensation in the eyes), Ppd’s (can cause skin allergies) and Resorcinols (can alter hormones function). We want to give peace of mind to our pregnant guests by banning all this ingredients in our services and give them amazing results. 

Also, at Mauricio Hair Studio we have available a range of color services that won’t require touching your skin, such as highlights, single process in foiling technique, Baby-lights and Balayage. Also for those who love getting smoothing hair treatments, we have and organic keratin treatment that don’t produces fumes and that is perfect for fine to medium hair clients, pregnancy safe, breastfeeding clients and children. The results can last up to 3 months or longer and leave the hair in an overall healthier condition with zero formaldehyde’s in it.

To finish, here are some other recommendations to keep up with your hair color routines when pregnant:

  • Before any service,  a consultation would be ideal to identify with your stylist what service would be best based on the desired look you want and the maintenance you will be able to follow.

  • A patch test at the salon or home for any allergic reactions.

  • If you do box color, always read the instructions and make sure is free of ammonia, ppd’s and resorcinol. 

Now that you know this information is your choice. Clean choices, clean living is the way to go; switch to Clean Beauty.