Embrace Your Natural Texture

What’s your hair texture? Yes, your own hair! 

Curly, wavy, kinky, Afro, semi-straight?! These are the conversations we’ve been having with our clients. Hair rules are so outdated, unruly hair is the trend, and it is here to stay!

Every decade in “hairstory” has embraced something really unique. The 1960’s were about rigid looks, the 70’s exploited the concept of the liberated woman, the 80’s were lit by rebels at heart, while the 90’s brought back sleeker looks. Blowouts and the “nice wave” were at the core of the early 2000’s. Today it’s all about natural textures!

Curly hair, especially, is winning in the charts. Even guys have jumped on the appreciation of their hair uniqueness. It is embracing this uniqueness that emboldens the big new trend of being yourself, and at Clean Beauty Lab by Mauricio Hair we are all about it! 

For the majority of us embracing our natural manes, the challenge sometimes comes while determining how to style or take proper care of our hair. The advice is usually less is more. Results are better when you let go and let loose! Curly hair is not friends with detergents, or heavy products packed with alcohol, and strange ingredients we can’t pronounce. Curly hair benefits mostly from sulfate free, paraben-free, and cleaner products.

Hair routines for healthier/shinier hair will also need to change. Shampooing everyday will become a thing of the past. Tying up your hair in tight ponytails will no longer do it either. In order for your curls to gain or regain their unique shape, you must let them hang free, yes just like that!

The trick is hydration! Whatever your natural texture, you will achieve your most successful looks when you use enough oils and hydrating products. Coming to your soon is our Magical Potion that combines 9 different oils - we’ll share our secret formula later.

In addition to using the right products, one important tip to remember is that curly hair doesn’t like heat; so minimize your use of dryers, curling irons, or flatirons. 

The journey to beautiful hair isn’t easy, but being yourself at your most natural is empowering! Trust the process and enjoy the journey!