Clean Living, A How-To Guide

You prayed to the hair gods that you would find a salon that used non toxic haircare that would cover your grey, give you brilliant shiny hair, give you rich long-lasting color in a beautiful friendly space with a great team that you can relate to. And the gods answered by introducing you to Mauricio Hair Clean Beauty Salon. Yessss! 

Now that you’ve got that covered, you’re probably thinking about the other areas of your life that you can commit to cleaning up as well, right? 

This my friends is not always an easy task to tackle, and comes with a period of trial and error; but that’s why we’re here. 

We love that you’re choosing to go all in with non-toxic living so here are some recommendations. 

If you’re like me, once I got on the non-toxic clean beauty train there was no getting off, even though there were moments that were challenging. 

  1. First, I encourage you to adopt the posture of having fun with this new way of living. It can be energizing hunting down new products as well  as discovering how much of the nasty stuff is in your current pantry/makeup/ lotion/ shampoos etc. Become a clean living sleuth and ask around. Most of the clean products I discovered and now love were recommendations from clients, friends, and even strangers. You can’t help but talk about this stuff once you’ve dipped your toes in these waters. Oh also, know upfront that all your new brand choices are not all going to work out perfectly the first time so relax and enjoy the process. 

  2. Start with one area at a time. Caution: cleaning up all your products and routines all at once could be a recipe for disaster and can have you throw up your hands in defeat too early in the game. Think about the things that are most important or the easiest and start there. Taking your time and doing things one at a time can also help you identify which products you may have an allergic reaction to if you do. I started with my skin care products and introduced them slowly over time. I was able to eliminate the ones my body did not agree with without giving up on the entire process. Then I moved onto my home cleaning products and boy did I have fun filling up bags of chemical laden products that I had no idea were so toxic!! This process forced me to start looking at labels and I was a bit shocked at what I found. Red flag: If you can’t easily find the ingredients on a label then chances are they are no good. Transparency is critical! 

  3. Read reviews for each product. Often times reviewers will name drop on other products they found that works. Don’t be tempted to buy lots of one product until you’ve tested it for yourself first. Trust me, I learned the hard way. 

  4. Make up: ladies, this was and still is one of the most challenging areas to conquer. I’m still on this journey with my make up. What’s wonderful is that there are more and more non-toxic make up brands entering the market so I’m confident I’ll find exactly what I need soon. What’s also amazing in this arena is that you can easily get samples of each product before committing to paying full prices. 

  5. I encourage you to pan out and think about how your everyday habits and routines are affecting the planet at large. Reuse plastic bags when possible and consider bringing your own reusable shopping bag to the supermarkets. Recycle always and find ways to reduce toxic impact on the planet. 

One of the greatest rewards of choosing this lifestyle is that it makes decision making easy. You know off hand that if the product you’re considering has crap in it you’re not going to use it. Simple, right!?!

Clean living is a conscious choice to not just care about your health and what you put in and on your body but it’s a bigger effort to care for this planet that is so very generous to us. 

Next project, indoor composting!! Ok, well maybe I’m not quite there yet but that’s the direction;)

Peace and love Clean Lovelies!! 

By Simone Baker