Craze for a Glaze

Give your hair all the benefits of a glaze application! Limp, dull and brittle hair greatly benefits from this hair treatment.

At Mauricio’s Clean Beauty Lab we truly believe that a glaze is the final touch where all magic happens.

But, what exactly is a glaze? Ingredients used in a glaze mixture range from professional ammonia-free color and oils to clear-color ingredients. A low strength developer such as a 5 or 10 volume is then combined to open the hair cuticle just enough to deposit pigment into the strands. Subbing clarifying shampoo for a developer is a trick for an even gentler approach.

A glaze is also a critical step when highlighting your hair. Highlighting requires natural pigments in your hair be partially or completely removed depending on the desired level of lightness. A glaze then allows us to redeposit color that not only hydrates but it also reconstructs your hair while helping to accomplish the desired shade.

Glazing can also be used for less dramatic hair color treatments. For example, in natural, virgin hair, glazing can be a great way to intensify a natural brunette without disrupting the natural color. Also, a glaze helps delay oxidation which is very noticeable by loss of color, fading and brittleness by adding pigment back and reconstructing each hair strand.

For naturals or color-processed reds, glazes are miraculous! Dull, opaque reds can be easily transformed into a deep, bright, moisturized and glowing shade of red with the right glaze application.

Blondes have endless glaze possibilities. From gold, ash, beige, platinum to Champagne or silver! The list goes on and on.

Let’s now talk about glaze and hair textures. All types of hair textures benefit from a glaze. For curly gals, a glaze can add strength and hydration which is everything for beautiful curls. A glaze can give women with thicker hair get even more fullness and lustrous silky finish. For fine hair, A glaze can boost thickness and fullness by plumping the thin strands with some pigment.

The right application is key to obtain the best results, especially when glazing blonde, highlighted hair. Timing is also vital. Depending on the pigments used and the desired color goal, a glaze can sit on the hair anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes.

Here at Mauricio’s Clean Beauty Lab we pay close attention to each detail when glazing your hair. Next time you want to do something fabulous with your hair, ask us for a glaze!